Yogiyo, operates a pop-up store called ‘Joy with Yogi’ at COEX Mall in Seoul

Yogiyo announced on the 16th that as part of its new advertising campaign, it will open a pop-up store called ‘Stick with Yogi’ at the COEX Mall in Gangnam-gu, Seoul until the 1st of next month, where you can experience the joy of new tastes offline .

This pop-up store has moved the new advertising campaign, ‘Attach Yogi when you want to enjoy’, which started last month, to an offline space so that anyone can vividly experience the joy of taste that Yogi Yo offers.

Yogiyo set the theme of this pop-up store as ‘retro store’ and prepared various entertainment such as ▲panchigi ticket game ▲Flinco game 토토 (ladder game) ▲New Year fortune-telling so that you can directly experience the joy, which is the brand value of Yogiyo. . Here, along with a space decorated with large sculptures in K-pop red, the brand color, a photo booth was prepared separately to create special year-end memories.

We also prepared a generous gift that can only be found at the pop-up store. Customers participating in the on-site event will be provided with limited edition goods and Yogiyo discount coupons using the Yogiyo emoji on a first-come, first-served basis.

Steve Joe, Chief Marketing Officer of Yogiyo, said, “We prepared this pop-up store to provide Yogiyo customers with a different pleasure and special brand experience. I hope I can leave a lot with Yogiyo.”

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