Yang Hyeon-jong, who was pushed by 2 right and net games, achieved ‘most starting wins’… What effect does a long break have?

‘Living Legend’ Yang Hyeon-jong (34) is being pushed back to achieve a great record. 

As of the 21st, Yang Hyeon-jong has won a total of 164 wins and is ranked second in the KBO league’s most wins category. First place is former Hanwha Eagles coach Song Jin-woo, who won 210 games. 

In order for Yang Hyeon-jong to rise to the top of the number of wins, he needs to add 47 wins in the future. Even if he averages 10 wins per year, he has to play 4 more seasons. Of course, Yang Hyeon-jong did not give up on achieving the most wins. 

There is another queue right now. He is the all-time leading starter. Of his 164 wins, 162 were starters. Former coach Jin-Woo Song, out of 210 wins, only 163 wins were starting wins, and 47 wins were relief wins. 

If Yang Hyeon-jong adds a multiplier in the next appearance, it will tie the record for the most starting wins ever. It is a new record from the addition of the multiplier after that. 

Yang Hyeon-jong failed to add a multiplier in the game against Samsung Lions in Gwangju on the 13th, the last appearance of the first half. He scored 3 runs (2 earned runs) in 5 innings, but became a losing pitcher because the previously hot batting line only supported 1 run, and failed to tie the record for the most starts. 

After that, the schedule got messed up. Yang Hyeon-jong has not yet started the second half. He was originally scheduled to play in one of three weekend games against the Doosan Bears, which started on the 21st. To be precise, he was highly likely to pitch after new foreign pitchers Mario Sanchez and Thomas Panoni. 

However, the game on the 22nd and 23rd was postponed due to rain. In the first game of the week (Tuesday the 25th) against the Changwon NC Dinos, Panoni was announced as the starting pitcher. Panoni, who joined the team as a last-minute substitute in the first half, needs to recover his game sense. The pitching against Samsung on the 12th also reflected the opinion of KIA coach Kim Jong-guk, “(You have to throw at least one game before the first half is over.”) Although Panoni has a history of playing for the KIA last season (2022), he was considerate to adapt to the KBO league stage again as soon as possible. 토토사이트

There is nothing wrong with Yang Hyeon-jong. He digested the first half without missing the rotation. He also attended the All-Star game. It’s time to fully recharge. Yang Hyeon-jong recorded an average ERA of 3.67 in a total of 125 games (including relief appearances) in which pitching intervals were reduced by more than 7 days. He was not swayed by the problem of feeling in real life. Age beyond the mid 30’s. He doesn’t have to strain. 

It is regrettable that the achievement of the great record has been delayed. After winning a total of 162 wins against the LG Twins on May 27, and ranking second in this category, this is an opportunity to make another milestone. It can also help boost morale for KIA, which is aiming to leap to the top. 

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