The 5th tour of this season’s Professional Billiards (PBA), ‘High1 Resort PBA-LPBA Championship 2022’, which ended on the night of the 16th. The tour, which was held for the first time at High1 Resort in Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do, ended with the victory of Mamin Calm (Vietnam, NH Nonghyup Card) and Natsumi Higashiuchi (Japan) in the men’s and women’s divisions.

However, the most talked about scene in this tournament is the semi-final where ‘Billiards Queen’ Kim Ga-young (Hana Card) played. Kim Ga-young went up to the semifinals in good condition and faced Min-ju Baek (Crown Haetae), but she had to swallow laughing tears amidst rare misfortune.

Kim Ga-young and Baek Min-ju clashed in the women’s division (LPBA) semifinals on the 14th. Kim Ga-young won her fifth career trophy following last season’s World Championship and three tour championship titles, and Baek Min-ju aimed for her first win and met at the summit.

In the beginning, the spirit of Baek Min-joo, who was trying to advance to the first final, was strong. Baek Min-ju won the first and second sets and put pressure on Kim Ga-young.

However, Gayoung Kim is a veteran who has reigned as the ‘Empress of Pokeball’ and has also risen to the position of queen in the 3-cushion game. In the third set, Kim Ga-young launched a counterattack.

In the midst of this, variables arose. In the third inning with a 4-3 lead, Kim Ga-young tried to hit by attaching her extension tool to her handle in a difficult arrangement where the cue could not reach. However, she soon decided that it would be difficult and tried to remove the extensions to hit another shot.

However, the extension was not missing. Slightly embarrassed, Gayoung Kim calmly called time out and tried to remove the extension, but only the second stage was missing and the first stage was immovable. Even in the midst of being chased by time, Kim Ga-young succeeded in the giant slalom.

However, Gayoung Kim immediately asked the male referee to separate the extensions, but he did not budge. Without help, Gayoung Kim had no choice but to play with a cue with an extension while smiling shyly.

For billiard players, even 10 to 20 grams of cue weight has an impact. Moreover, the suddenly heavy cues during the game could cause serious difficulties in maintaining sensation.

Kim Ga-young tried to take the extensions out of her waiting room while Min-joo Baek was making shots. However, no matter how hard he tried, 토토사이트 or even when he hit the floor, the tool did not fall out of the cue. He could not even stop the match as the situation could affect the opponent as well. In fact, Baek Min-joo in the waiting seat turned away from Kim Ga-young, who was playing with extensions hanging so as not to be shaken by this happening.

Crying and eating mustard, Gayoung Kim had no choice but to play with a heavy cue. Nevertheless, Gayoung Kim reached 10 points first and hit the set point. He could have turned things around through the break for just one more point.

But that one point was difficult. With heavy cues, sophistication inevitably deteriorates. Kim Ga-young’s turnaround and bank shot missed by a margin, and Kim Ga-young had a dejected expression. In the meantime, Baek Min-joo pursued fiercely and eventually reached 11 points first and succeeded in advancing to the finals for the first time with a set score of 3-0.

Even in the midst of regret, Kim Ga-young showed a queen-like manner congratulating Baek Min-joo’s victory. After the game, Baek Min-ju also said, “I won, but I feel a little uncomfortable because of the extension issue of professional Kim Ga-young.” It was because of the aftermath. Baek Min-joo raised tremendous momentum by defeating the strongest Slong Piabi (Cambodia, Blue One Resort) in the quarterfinals, but collapsed in the final.

The extension in question was not resolved after the game. PBA male officials clung to him and tried to pull him out, but the cue stayed the same.

A PBA official said, “Originally, players only prepare opponents to hit during the preliminary cue, but rarely carry a lower belt with a handle.” “I’ve never seen a case like this before,” he said.

Kim Ga-young, the ‘Queen of billiards’ who challenged to win the most LPBA championships, and Baek Min-ju, who aimed for the first summit. However, as an unexpected extension incident (?) occurred, Gayoung Kim tasted bitter defeat, and Minju Baek was also affected. It was a funny happening that can only be seen in the game of billiards.