U.S. Negro League ballpark reopens for first game in 26 years

For the first time in 26 years, a baseball game was played at Hinchilliffe Stadium in Paterson, New Jersey, USA. Hinchliffe Stadium was a baseball stadium in the defunct Negro Leagues.

According to USA Today, Hinchilliffe 안전놀이터 Stadium hosted a home game for the New Jersey Jackals of the American Independent Baseball League on Wednesday. Hinchliffe Stadium opened in 1932 and was a stadium in the Negro Leagues where blacks played. Home to the New York Black Yankees and others, the stadium closed in 1997 due to its aging facilities.

Hinchliffe Stadium has been transformed into a modern stadium at a cost of $130 million and will be home to the Jackals from now on. On the day of the game, the first at Hinchilliffe Stadium in 26 years, around 1,000 paying fans were in attendance to cheer on the Jackals. The Jackals defeated the Sussex Country Miners 10-6.

“We expect the reopening of Hinchliffe Stadium to have a number of positive effects on the city of Paterson,” said Paterson Mayor Andrew Saye, “It will be a renaissance for the city.”

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