“There is no flying ball” The hold king who finally woke up, put on the wings of the popular LG bullpen

‘2022 Hold King’ Jung Woo-young (23 LG) is finally on the right track. LG already boasts an iron-walled bullpen this season, and it is expected to become even stronger.토토체험머니

Jung Woo-young is the league’s representative middle pitcher and carries on the lineage of fastball sidearm. From 2019, his debut season, he continued to grow, taking responsibility for the LG bullpen. Now he is the bullpen player that represents the league.

He increased the number of holds each year, starting with 16 holds in 2019, recording 20 holds in 2020, 27 holds in 2021, and 35 holds in 2022. He only recorded 98 holds for 4 years, which is the highest record in the league along with sovereignty (KT) for this period alone. Last year, he won the hold title.

However, a change was detected this year. The restraint of Jung Woo-young’s main weapon, two-seam, fell. He had the disadvantage of being slow to the slide step, so he tried to solve the problem by correcting his pitching form. He also has a lot of walks. Last year, the number of walks per 9 innings was 4.97. 2.27 this year.

It was necessary to change the pitching form to erase and compensate for these shortcomings. Jung Woo-young went through a lot of trouble until he decided to change his pitching form. And after much thought, he made a decision at the end of April.

He made a change with pitching coach Kim Kyung-tae. It’s going to be hard to do it all at once. It seems that the fruits of their efforts are finally coming.

Jung Woo-young played 1⅓ innings of relief against KIA on the 1st and scored 3 strikeouts. His highest speed was 154 km.

Director Yeom Gyeong-yeop said, “It is one of the harvests of the game today.” “I’m doing it. The left shoulder was too closed. As I opened it a little, my balance improved and my speed increased. I tried to adjust Jung Woo-young’s control, but it was well caught.”

Jung Woo-young took the mound 4 times in the game on the 2nd and blocked 1 inning cleanly without a walk. His highest speed was 152 km.꽁머니

It is clear that LG’s bullpen will become even stronger if Jung Woo-young is on a stable track. He is leading the bullpen with an ERA of 3.17 for the month of June, but he is in danger of being overloaded with Seung-Hyun Baek and Young-Chan Yoo away. Park Myung-keun also needs a break after playing many innings. In this situation, if Jung Woo-young advances to Pil Seung-jo, it is expected that it will be a great help until the end of the first half.

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