The player suffered, but why does the Korea Football Association take more dividends?”

It is known that President Yoon Seok-yeol expressed his concern over the operation of the Korea Football Association at a recent dinner with heads of economic organizations.

According to the business world and the President’s Office on the 12th, President Yoon held a private dinner at Sangchunjae in the Blue House on the 9th with the heads of the 5 economic organizations and talked about football, saying, “The players suffered, but why does the Football Association take more dividends? “He made a statement to that effect. President Yoon is known to have remarked to them, “The Football Association has a lot of reserves such as advertising sponsorship money, but there are too few rewards given to the players (by advancing to the round of 16).”

Korea will receive a dividend of 13 million dollars (approximately 17 billion won) as it advances to the round of 16 according to FIFA’s dividend standards for participating countries in the World Cup. However, the original plan to pay half of the dividends 토토사이트 as player rewards was disrupted while executing 7.9 billion won for national team operation costs, 1.6 billion won for repayment of FIFA loans supported by the Corona 19 incident, and 3.3 billion won for team rewards for passing the World Cup Asian final qualifiers. It was a situation.

It is said that President Yoon also shared a critical mind about the fact that more dividends received for advancing to the round of 16 go to the Korea Football Association rather than to the players. It is pointed out that the fact that President Yoon was not invited by the head of the Korea Football Association to the dinner for the World Cup soccer team on the 8th was also influenced by President Yoon’s awareness of the problem.

Meanwhile, coincidentally, on the 12th, Chung Mong-gyu, head of the Korea Football Association, announced that he would pay 2 billion won from his own money to reward players. As a result, about 70 million won was added to the reward amount, which was expected to be 210 million to 270 million won per player, and is expected to reach 280 to 340 million won per player.

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