The melted basellus and the increasing perfection of ‘counterattack’… Won-Kwon Choi’s evolving football in Daegu

Daegu FC’s ‘click soccer’ continues to evolve.

Daegu, led by coach Choi Won-kwon, won a 2-1 come-from-behind victory against Jeju United in the 21st round of the ‘Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023’ held at Jeju World Cup Stadium on the 7th. Having secured 3 points, Daegu (31 points) will be able to gain strength once again in the mid-table fight.

In particular, on this day, Daegu secured a victory while defenders Cho Jin-woo and Hwang Jae-won were left out due to accumulated warnings due to the suspension of forward striker Edgar. Above all, Basellus, which gave coach Choi a headache at the beginning of the season, is slowly melting into the team.

Baselus is a foreign striker brought by Daegu this season. He raised expectations from winter training, but when the season began, he fell short of expectations. His unique speed and reckless breakthrough did not work in the K-League. Coach Choi also did a push and pull, appointing Keita as a striker instead of Basellus. And the stimulated Baselus gradually began to show its true form.

Baselus sortied as a striker on the left flank in the match against Jeju, and he played an important role in Daegu’s counterattack along with Sejingya and Ko Jae-hyeon. While Cesingya was also paying attention to ball distribution, Baselus used his speed to harass the Jeju defense. And even in the extra time of the second half when the score was 1-1, he attempted a reckless breakthrough and cross, which eventually led to Jang Seong-won’s winning goal. Coach Choi said, “It seems that Baselus is adapting to the K-League. It is of great help to the team.”

Daegu earned the nickname ‘click football’ this season. ‘Click soccer’ refers to Daegu’s counterattack soccer, in which Daegu counterattacks against various tactics and knocks down the opponent with a ‘click’ counterattack button. As the season progresses, the ‘completeness’ of the counterattack increases. Hongcheol also nodded at the expression ‘click soccer’ and said, “I think winter training is the most difficult. The coach said, ‘You’ll remember it when it’s hard’, but the players definitely seem to run better in the second half. That’s why a strong image comes out in the second half.”토토사이트

Above all, Daegu brought in a new foreign midfielder, Beltola. There is a gap of about a month before joining Daegu, so it is expected that it will take some time to participate. Aiming to be included in the 23rd round Gwangju FC match list. Nonetheless, Beltola is from the under-17 (U-17) Brazilian national team, and her strengths include ball keeping, distribution, and game coordination. If Beltola settles down in the third line, Cezinha will be able to take on a more attacking role. It means that Daegu’s ‘click soccer’ can become more scary.

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