The best hit of the first half of LG with an early break, so the second half is more anticipated

 If you pick the LG Twins’ greatest hit in the first half of this season, it is right-handed sidearm Park Myeong-geun (19).

When Park Myeong-geun, who joined LG in the 3rd round of the 2023 rookie draft, joined the opening entry after going through an exhibition game, there were half expectations and half concerns. However, Park Myung-geun recorded 4 wins, 5 saves, 5 holds, and an ERA of 3.25 in 36 innings in 36 games in the first half. At LG, which seemed to be going through a tough road due to Ko Woo-seok’s injury and Pil Seung-jo’s sluggish performance, Park Myung-geun energized the bullpen by performing all-around. Thanks to this performance, Park Myung-geun was also honored with being selected as an All-Star as a coach’s recommended player in his debut season.

However, LG chose to let Park Myung-keun rest for the remainder of the first half. LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop announced plans to give Park Myung-geun a two-week break. The reason was that Park Myeong-geun, who played against KT in Jamsil on the 6th, felt uncomfortable with his elbow after coming down the mound after allowing 1 hit and 1 walk (1 walk) and 2 runs. Manager Yeom announced that he would cancel Park Myung-geun from the entry list and exclude him from the list of recommended players for the All-Star Game.토토사이트

The decision to rest is a paving stone for utilization in the second half.

Director Yeom thought that the appropriate number of innings for Park Myung-geun this year was 55 to 60. The point at which more than half of the target innings were played with 36 innings in the first half. In order to hold on to the schedule at the beginning of the second half, which is important to solidify the lead, it is necessary to utilize Park Myung-geun. It is a goal to take advantage of the bullpen more smoothly in the second half by allowing Park Myung-geun to rest early.

Even without Park Myung-geun, the LG bullpen is full of energy. There are evenly distributed bullpen pitchers to replace the vacant positions. Recently, Jung Woo-young recovered his pitch, and Ko Woo-seok also returned from injury and found a sense of stability.

Park Myung-keun, who went on an early break, is expected to focus on rest for the time being and reorganize the All-Star break period before coming to the mound in the second half. Attention is focused on his performance in the second half of the year, which was rewarded with an ‘early break’ for his good performance.

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