“Suspicious muscle damage”… The last captain’s desperate sprint, the worst intuition and frustration

 “It looks like there is muscle damage.”

Jae-il Oh (37), the captain of the Samsung Lions, looked blankly at the sky for a long time with a blank expression on his face just before being replaced due to an injury against the Doosan Bears in Pohang on the 5th. He seemed to have a hunch that the injury was serious from the moment he stepped on first base and grabbed his left thigh. He felt pain in his left hamstring and suspected muscle damage during the training part. It will be known after he undergoes a medical examination on the 6th and receives an accurate diagnosis, but it will likely take at least a month before he can sprint on the ground again without being conscious of the injury.

It seemed that his sprinting with a desperate heart had rather poisoned him. As of the 6th, Samsung is at the bottom with 28 wins and 47 losses and an odds ratio of 0.373. The recent atmosphere has been serious enough that there is even a 6-game gap with the 9th place KIA Tigers (31 wins, 38 losses, 1 draw). Starting from the match against the LG Twins in Jamsil (1-2 loss) on the 13th of last month, when the last winning streak ended, the 19 matches played until this day were only 3 wins and 16 losses, with an odds ratio of 0.158. Oh Jae-il, who led the team, had no choice but to feel heavy.

Is that why? At the end of the 8th inning, behind 2-7, Oh Jae-il hit a ground ball from 1st base and ran all the way to 1st base. Although he was behind by 5 points, he sprinted with only 1st base in mind to prevent double play. Then, he got a sore on his thigh. Even with momentary explosive power, Pohang Baseball Stadium was not in good ground condition for active base play. During the game on the 4th, it rained and the players kept slipping on the ground, but on this day, even though it was sunny all day, players stumbling while stepping on the ground were often witnessed. This means that the ground is not firmly grounded. It seems difficult to say that Oh Jae-il’s injury had no effect on the ground at all.

Oh Jae-il was on the ground for a while with a complicated expression on his mind. Even when the training coach checked his physical condition, he only looked at the sky with a stiff face. In a situation where the team is in crisis in many ways, he acted because he knew how great it was that he had to leave due to an injury. Center hitter Koo Ja-wook left early last month due to a hamstring injury and barely returned in time for the Pohang series, but Oh Jae-il took over the injured baton.

To change the atmosphere ahead of the game, Samsung had carried out a one-on-one trade, giving catcher Kim Tae-gun to the KIA Tigers and receiving infielder Ryu Ji-hyeok. Samsung coach Park Jin-man also admitted that this trade was one of the measures to reverse the atmosphere of the team that fell to the bottom.토토사이트

In a situation where he had to unite around the argument and find a clue to the rebound, it seems that the captain broke away and his mind became complicated again. The team also took the situation seriously enough to bow their heads in the dugout as soon as Oh Jae-il grabbed his thigh and stopped. With Oh Jae-il expected to leave for the time being, how can Samsung make a breakthrough?

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