‘Surprise Resignation’ The winning team leader resigns… Why was there an invisible hand

SSG Landers general manager Ryu Seon-kyu announced that he would be stepping down from his position. It is news of sudden resignation after winning the combined championship and concentrating on preparing for the next season, such as recruiting foreign players. “We achieved our goal within two years. Despite his feelings of resignation, saying, “I will do my duty and resign.” The time and the circumstances are bound to be so.

The news of the resignation of general manager Ryu Seon-kyu was announced on the afternoon of the 12th. On the 11th, it is the day after the ‘Fan Festival’, 토토사이트 an official event commemorating the joint victory of the SSG club with fans. Director Ryu, who attended the fan festival just a day ago, said that there seemed to be no circumstances suggesting a ‘resignation’.

Director Ryu said in a phone call with OSEN after the news of his resignation was announced, “The goal was to rebuild within two years. He accomplished what he set out to do. In the future, my juniors will lead me well.”

He set the goal of rebuilding within two years after taking over as the general manager two years ago. Last year, he placed 6th, this year he won the wire-to-wire regular season, and defeated Kiwoom in the Korean Series to win the combined championship. The goal was achieved.

He said, “I need a change, and the club has changed, so I think a new change is needed. I decided that it was time for a change.”

After the 2020 season, general manager Ryu was appointed as SK general manager, and shortly after, the SK club was sold to Shinsegae Group. The club name was changed from SK Wyverns to SSG Landers. The Shinsegae Group, which took over the baseball team, did not get involved in the baseball team’s practice for two years. Personnel from the Shinsegae Group came down only in the finance field, which manages ‘money’.

The group’s active investment and the front line of president Min and general manager Ryu, who have a lot of experience in the baseball team, created a team capable of winning the championship. Last year, they recruited major leaguer Choo Shin-soo, and this year, they brought back ace Kim Gwang-hyeon, who entered the US major league two years ago.

However, less than a month after the joy of winning the championship, the general manager, who achieved remarkable results, resigns. It is a sudden resignation in the process of building a team that can consistently produce high-ranking results along with winning the championship.

The position of general manager, who leads the club’s practical affairs, has been left vacant, with tasks such as foreign player contracts (recruiting two players), player salary negotiations, and salary cap management not being completed. Even on the 11th, it seems that he hastily expressed his gratitude, having promised a later schedule. It is the eyes of the baseball world that there is something ‘trigger’.

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