Sudden resignation of the winning team leader… What happened to the SSG club?

As general manager Ryu Seon-gyu (52), who made a significant contribution to the SSG Landers’ rise to the top, suddenly stepped down from his seat, great attention is being paid to the background.

Director Ryu conveyed his intention to voluntarily resign to the club on the morning of the 12th.

It is difficult to find a precedent for the general manager of a club that won the Korean Series championship following the regular season to step down from his position.

Above all, Ryu led key players such as Park Jong-hoon, Moon Seung-won, Hanyu Island, and Kim Gwang-hyun to sign multi-year non-agent (FA) contracts, and coach Kim Won-hyung, who is well versed in the situation within the team, Kim Min-jae head coach, and Jo Ung-cheon pitching coach. He was recruited and laid the foundation for victory.

After the season, general manager Ryu was in the midst of off-season activities, such as leading the renewal of the contract with manager Kim Won-hyung, signing free agent (FA) contracts with foreign players, and leading the 메이저사이트 composition of the coaching staff in 2023. He was also active in outside activities, such as attending various awards ceremonies.

Because of this, a question mark is running on Director Ryu’s ‘voluntary resignation’. Because of the structure of the SSG club, questions are gradually growing.

Shinsegae Group took over the baseball team from SK in early 2021 and took over 100% employment. For two years after its foundation, the management of the club was entrusted to those who formed the SK baseball team. Shinsegae Group dispatched only business officials to the baseball team.

It was launched with people from SK as it was, but it is true that there is a question mark whether Shinsegae Group will continue to maintain it. There were many prospects that there would be significant changes to the existing front desk composition when it began to intervene in the operation of the baseball team in earnest.

In fact, at the end of this season, there were rumors that even if SSG won, the club’s senior front desk would be replaced.

During the season, there were also observations that the closest aide to the owner, who had nothing to do with the baseball team’s operation, was involved in the club’s decision-making and personnel selection.

General manager Ryu was the core of the front of the SK baseball team. Director Ryu, who started his life at the front of the baseball team as an employee of the LG Twins club in 1997, moved to SK in 2001, the year after SK was founded, and worked on only one team for over 20 years.

After holding various positions such as marketing team planning part leader, PR team leader, incubation team leader, strategic planning team leader, and data analysis group leader, he rose to the position of front desk manager.

This is why there is an interpretation that the Shinsegae Group has started to ‘subtract the color of SK’ with the resignation of Director Ryu.

The prevailing view is that only the form was voluntary resignation, but in fact, he was forced to resign due to internal problems with the club.

Even if Shinsegae Group started to remove the color of SK in earnest, the fact that the process was not smooth leaves a bitter aftertaste.

Director Liu greatly cared for his words.

In a phone call with Newsis after the news of his resignation was announced, he only said, “The goal was to rebuild the team within two years. I think I have fulfilled my duty. SSG is also in need of change. Now the juniors have to do it.”

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