Shin Shin Seo 9th Dan breaks 17-game postseason winning streak

(Hankyoreh=Changkyu Han) The Kicks, who have a strong frontline, want a captain’s duel inside, and the Kiwis want to avoid it. It is a cognitive assumption. The Nanga League playoffs have the same stakes for both teams.

In the first game, Kicks succeeded in avoiding Shin-Seok and took the lead. In Game 2, there was no captain’s duel. The Kicks were forced to play their captain Shin Shin-seo 9th dan in the front, while the spare KPF did not put their captain Kang Dong-yoon 9th dan in the first half order at all.

Shin Shin-seo’s opponent was second-ranked Han Seung-joo. Kicks head coach Kim Young-hwan was pleased with the matchup. The second leg of the Nanga League playoffs on Tuesday evening was a one-sided affair. Kicks won in a 3-0 shutout. Commentator Yoo Chang-hyuk said, “I don’t think I should make any predictions or judgments in the future. I can’t guess.”

After a shaky first game, Shin Shin-seo 9th dan dominated Han Seung-joo 9th dan in the second game as usual. It was his 17th consecutive postseason win, a new record. The previous record was 16 consecutive wins by Park Jung-hwan 9 dan.

Kim Seung-jae 9, who was once again trusted by coach Kim Young-hwan, responded with a sweet victory. He was able to capitalize on a loss against fellow alumnus Kang Seung-min 9-dan. After winning the first game of the season, Kim had lost nine straight games and six straight in the postseason.

“I made an unacceptable mistake at the beginning of the league, and then I became unsure, and it just kept getting worse,” said Kim Seung-jae 9th dan. “It was hard at first, but later on I didn’t have any special thoughts because I kept breaking.”

Kim Chang-hoon 6th dan took the final point against Cho Han-seung 9th dan on the Jango board. The fine flow was broken in the endgame 스포츠토토. Commentator Yoo Chang-hyuk said, “Kim Chang-hoon played precisely, and Cho Han-seung made a few mistakes.” Korea Prices Information was unable to pull out its reserved Kang Dong-yoon card and dropped the second game.

“We have Shin Shin-seo, so we’ll try to organize the order for the third game so that we can face the bottom 1 and 2,” said coach Kim Young-hwan. “I don’t talk much about it because I think it’s a burden to give orders to experienced players. To the lower-ranked players, I just say ‘sleep well’ and rarely talk about go.”

The two tied teams will play a final third game on the evening of Nov. 11 to determine the champion. The order of play will be announced at 2pm that day. The championship match will be hosted by Jang Chun-nok of the Sudam League.

The 2022-2023 KB Go League will feature a record-breaking 12-team bi-lateral regular season, followed by semi-playoffs and playoffs in each league, and a championship match between the top teams in each league to determine the final standings.

Each stage of the postseason is a best-of-three series and each match is a best-of-five series. Nations 1 through 3 will start simultaneously, and their results will determine whether Nations 4 and 5 will continue. The prize pool is 250 million won for first place, 100 million won for second place, 40 million won for PO elimination, and 20 million won for semi-PO elimination.

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