As expected, the Los Angeles Dodgers decided to cut ties with Trevor Bauer (32).

The Dodgers team said on the 7th (hereinafter Korean time), “We believe that the team has actively cooperated with MLB’s investigation and faithfully followed the rules prohibiting domestic violence, sexual violence, and child abuse. Bauer’s actions are historical. It has led to the longest suspension ever, and now that the process has been finalized, we confirm that he is no longer part of our organization.”

The Dodgers’ action came two weeks after an independent arbitrator made a decision on the 23rd of last month to reduce the MLB’s 324-game penalty to 194 games. Bauer was accused of sexual assault in 2021 and was investigated by the prosecution, but he was relieved of his legal responsibility. However, MLB later issued a 324-game suspension, saying that Bauer’s charges had caused serious problems through its own investigation.

Although Bauer appealed and the punishment was reduced, the Dodgers took a designate for assignment after two weeks of consideration. If no club wants Bauer for the next week, he will be eligible for free agency.

In any case, the Dodgers have to pay his annual salary of $22.5 million this year, but the team that takes him only has to pay the minimum annual salary of $720,000 in the major leagues. You can use Bauer for one season almost for free.

Then, is there a team that will take Bauer? Negative views are overwhelming. Most of the opinion is that no one will sign a contract with Bauer.

ESPN reported the news that the Dodgers had put Bauer on standby, saying, “Now, of course, there are doubts that Bauer’s major league career will end.” Summing up the current atmosphere in one sentence, the possibility of signing a contract is very unlikely, but not impossible메이저사이트 (Unlikely, but not impossible),” said the results of a survey conducted over the past month on the possibility of Bauer signing with 12 agents and front desk officials. introduced.

According to ESPN, “The most common response is closely related to an official from a rival Dodgers club who stated shortly after the arbitrator’s mitigation decision that Bauer would receive a pay cut for the first 50 games of this season, but would be immediately reinstated thereafter.” said Most predicted that the contract would not be easy.

A team manager said, “I don’t think anyone will sign him,” and an agent said, “No one is going to contact him. There’s no chance.”

Another agent said, “There will be at least some clubs that show interest,” and a front official expressed a negative opinion, saying, “There must be teams that need pitchers, but they will have to deal with headwinds.” That means Bauer is only 32 years old, has a healthy arm, and has built an unrivaled career, so he can send a signal to a club that needs a starter.

However, according to ESPN, “Even if Bauer signs with a new team, it will cause unique problems, according to an official from a Dodgers rival.” It would damage the reputation of the club, the backlash from fans, or the public’s negative perception surrounding it, but Bauer never showed any signs of reflection during this incident.’

An agent said, “If you sign a player like that, you’ll have to go through the process of improving him, but I don’t think that’s a friend that will work.” that it is irredeemable.

It remains to be seen if a club will appear to sign Bauer over the next week.