‘Messi’s big picture!’…2 years ago APT purchase in Miami→12,000,000,000 won ‘The Palace of Celebration’→30 minutes away from the stadium→’After all, Messi had a plan’

By Kim Sung-ho]Lionel Messi’s move to US Major League Soccer club Inter Miami seems to have been a long time coming. In short, he had a plan all along.

The possibility of Messi joining Inter Miami has been a constant topic of conversation. Not by Messi himself, but by the club’s owner, soccer great David Beckham, who has repeatedly hinted that he would like to sign him. Each time, Messi remained silent.

In May of last year, there were more concrete reports. European media outlets reported that Messi had agreed to buy a stake in Inter Miami, which at the time was a whopping 35%.

Furthermore, the article claimed that Messi would move to Miami in the summer of 2023, when his contract with Paris Saint-Germain ends, to play as owner and player.

This has happened before. In an interview with Spanish TV last year, Messi said, “My plan is to give everything I can for my current club (PSG),” but then went on to say, “I want to play in the United States, I want to experience life and the league there, and ultimately I want to return to Barcelona in some capacity.” In other words, Messi had been open about playing in the United States for some time.

However, at the end of the 2022-2023 season, Messi confirmed his move to Miami. “For the sake of my family and Barcelona, I decided to move to Miami, not Saudi Arabia,” Messi told Spanish media, asking Barca fans to understand.

With Messi’s move to Miami confirmed, European media outlets have been reporting that the move was already planned. After the news broke, The Sun published a revivalist article about Messi’s ultra-luxury apartment.

Messi reportedly bought an ultra-luxury apartment on the beach in Florida, USA. Notably, the apartment was built by German supercar manufacturer Porsche.

A radio station based in Madrid, Spain, recently reported that Messi had been considering a move to Miami since purchasing a luxury apartment 메이저놀이터 in the city nearly two years ago. In particular, Messi wanted his three sons to attend school in the United States.

Perhaps this is when Messi realized that he planned to play in Miami at some point in his career. Of course, Messi has real estate investments all over the world, so it’s possible that he bought the apartment for investment purposes.

This apartment is truly fit for a soccer god. Porsche named the apartment after him, so it’s no wonder it’s so luxurious. According to the website, Porsche Design Tower Miami is a luxury apartment. There are only 132 units. Owners can store up to three expensive cars in their apartments.

The price per apartment is unknown, but The Sun reports that Messi’s apartment costs $9 million, or about 12 billion won. The DRV PNK Stadium, home of Inter Miami, is a 30-minute drive away.

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