Messi and Beckham are calling!’ Plan to try to recruit next summer, will America’s pain become a reality? “My goal is MLS

 Lionel Messi and David Beckham sing.

Soccer news source ‘barlebofc’ reported on the 13th, “Inter Miami plans to attempt to recruit Antoine Griezmann next summer.”카지노

He added, “Griezmann also expressed his desire to advance to Major League Soccer (MLS) in the United States.”

Griezmann moved to Barcelona after showing great performance at Atletico Madrid. Expectations were high, but they fell short.

Griezmann, with his head down, returned to Atletico. Immediately after, he was criticized for performing below expectations, but he managed to turn things around.

Griezmann has become a great strength for Atletico by showing off his health even though he is well over 30 years old.

Al Nasr, equipped with oil money, moved to recruit Griezmann, who is still showing off his strength.

The Saudi Arabian league is a popular place for superstars to finish their careers. This is because the standard has improved compared to before and you can earn a handsome salary.

They enjoyed great results by recruiting Cristiano Ronaldo, and recently even brought in Karim Benzema and N’Golo Kante.

In addition, they are shaking up the world soccer transfer market by having Riyad Mahrez, N’Golo Kante, Roberto Firmino, and Neymar.

Al Nasr, who enjoyed the benefits of signing Ronaldo, sought to recruit additional superstars and chose Griezmann.

However, differences of opinion could not be narrowed down, and Griezmann’s move to Al Nasr ended in nothing.

Griezmann is still active as a key resource at Atlético, but as his retirement approaches, he is contemplating ending his twilight years.

Griezmann’s retirement stage is expected to be the United States, not the Saudi Arabian league fueled by oil money.

Griezmann often spends his vacations in the United States and is known to be a big fan of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

In particular, he said, “As everyone knows, my goal is the American stage,” and revealed that he would decide to move to the MLS stage in the future.

Inter Miami is a team that has David Beckham and is currently focusing on collecting superstars.

Inter Miami succeeded in strengthening its power by recruiting Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets, and Jordi Alba.

In particular, Inter Miami is enjoying the effects of Messi, the god of soccer.

Inter Miami climbed to the top of the cup competition thanks to Messi’s effectiveness and enjoyed the thrill of winning the team’s first championship.

In addition, it is known that when news of Messi’s transfer to the U.S. was announced, the price of game tickets jumped by up to 1034%.

Messi’s uniforms are also selling like hot cakes. Sales volume is different before and after joining.

After Messi joined the team, Inter Miami’s product sales reached the highest among American Major League Soccer (MLS) teams during the same period.

Celebrities are visiting the stadium to watch Messi play. NBA star LeBron James, Hollywood star Kim Kardashian, and world-renowned women’s tennis star Serena Williams also watched.

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