Lotte savior appeared…’New Foreigner’ Gudrum’s first training, “Glasses are a great help in baseball life, for the third championship!”

“Glasses have been a great help in my baseball life. I will do my best to win Lotte’s third championship.”

Lotte replaced foreign players on the 11th. Jack Rex, who joined the team in the second half of last year and was very active, was forced out due to a knee injury, and Nico Goodrum (31) filled the position. A total of $400,000 was signed. 

Goodrum spent six seasons in the major leagues. He finished with a .688 OPS with 311 hits, 42 homers and 46 stolen bases in 402 career games. This season, as a member of the Triple-A Worcester Red Sox under the Boston Red Sox, he showed off his productive power with an OPS of . He put on glasses this year and opened his eyes to the pioneers. The rate of walks and strikeouts of 66 walks and 60 strikeouts is a record that can confirm the ‘opened eyes’ good drum.

Recruiting foreign players based on contact and athletic ability rather than the type of gun can be interpreted as a means to reduce risks while maintaining the direction of the team. Manager Sutton said, “This is a player that our club has been observing for close to a year and a half. He is a player with excellent ability to control his zone as a switch hitter. This year, he has a good on-base record because he has more walks than strikeouts.” He has been evaluated as a player with motor nerves who can play a role in the game.”

On the 4th, after declaring an opt-out with the Worcester club, Goodrum came out to the market and signed a contract with Lotte. Gudrum, who entered Korea on the 15th, joined Lotte’s training that started on the 16th after the All-Star Game. He wears number 4. Goodrum, who first met with coach Larry Sutton and other players, said, “I only slept four hours, but I was so excited to join the team, so it was good. He also laughed, “I think I can sleep well today because I can get back to my original routine schedule as he comes out of training.”

The Worcester Red Sox, who played this year, had many KBO League experience players, such as Daniel Palka (Samsung in 2020) and Matt Demody (NC in 2022). He also played with Park Byeong-ho (KT) during the Minnesota Twins in 2017, and had a meal with Dixon Machado, a foreign player from Lotte, at the Detroit Tigers in 2018. However, I haven’t heard much about the KBO League from them. He said, “After I decided to go to Korea, I knew that Palca played in Korea. So he didn’t get any advice. In the past, Park Byeong-ho and Dixon Machado played together, but I have not heard anything about the KBO League.”

Still, regarding the background of crossing the Pacific Ocean, “It is the first Asian stage. I think it’s a good opportunity and I’m so excited to play on a new stage.” When my wife and daughter said that an offer was coming from Korea, they asked me to go, so I was able to decide without much thought. I want to try new stages and new experiences.”

The club introduced Goodrum as a utility player who can play both infield and outfield. Still, he said that the positions that express himself and become the foundation are shortstop and second baseman. He said, “The positions I am most confident in are shortstop and second baseman. He was also drafted as a shortstop. He also played a lot as a first baseman and can play in the outfield without any problems.” 

The reason Lotte showed off its productivity this year and paid attention to it is, of course, the old drum, so it is a pioneering plan. Goodrum’s pioneering plan this year was his glasses. Goodrum laughed at the episode about the glasses. He initially wore contact lenses, but decided to wear glasses because of the inconvenience of having to put artificial tears in periodically. 토토사이트

He said, “In fact, since he was drafted, he didn’t know he had eye problems or even needed glasses. However, he was advised that he needed glasses or contact lenses during an eye test after signing with Boston this year,” he said. “There was a big difference between wearing glasses and not wearing them. The pitcher or flying ball was faintly visible, but not now,” he said. “The most important thing in baseball is the eyes and the line. If you have poor eyesight, your vision and reaction speed will also decrease. I think the glasses will help me get better grades and help me in my baseball life.” 

Lotte has to become a savior in the fall baseball competition. “I think my strength is leadership. While leading the team, I want to help other players if they need help, give advice, and become one team to compete for the championship,” he said. “I heard yesterday that Lotte is the club with the best fans. I imagined what it would be like if the Sajik Stadium was full. When the fans give energy, the players become passionate, so I think they will rely on it a lot. I will do my best for the championship and for the 3rd championship trophy.

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