Like Doosan’s Jang Won-jun…will Chau Chan become an ‘icon of hope’?

Can Lotte Giants veteran pitcher Chau Chan (36) become an “icon of hope” like Jang Won-jun (38-Dusan Bears)?

On September 10, Chau-chan pitched one inning of one-hit ball with two strikeouts in a Futures League game against the SSG Landers’ second team at Sangdong Stadium in Gimhae. It’s been about nine months since Chau-chan pitched in a Futures League game against the KIA Tigers on Sept. 25 last year.

After being released by the LG Twins last November, Chau-chan signed a contract with Lotte for an annual salary of 50 million won 메이저놀이터 to start his career. He made his presence known by pitching a scoreless inning in his first real game in a long time.

His fastball reached a maximum velocity of 134 kilometers, and his average velocity was 133 kilometers. Although his velocity and delivery are down from his prime, it’s more important for Chau Chan, who was on the verge of retirement, to be back on the mound and in good shape.

Chow Chan has a great example to look up to as he begins his comeback. Won-Jun Jang.

Jang Won-jun was on the verge of retirement after last season due to a steep decline in his performance in recent years and a shrinking role. However, new Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop decided to keep him around, and he has made a spectacular comeback, winning both of his last two starts.

Jang’s resurgence has motivated other veterans and shown younger players why they shouldn’t give up.

Coach Lee Seung-yup, who led Jang’s resurgence, said, “Veteran players are essential to a team. In addition to playing, they have a role to play in the team. The veteran’s lifestyle and preparation process can help the younger players. Even if you don’t ask for something, you can learn a lot from the sidelines,” he said, explaining the impact of Zhang Wenjun’s resurgence on the team.

Like Jang Won-jun, Chow Chan can instill intangible values in the Lotte squad. Perhaps his tireless efforts to make a comeback are having a positive impact even now.

After successfully completing his first practice after joining Lotte, Chau-chan is scheduled to start in a scrimmage against Gangneung Youngdong University on May 17. Lotte head coach Larry Sutton has said that he plans to utilize Chau-chan in the bullpen once he regains his form.

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