‘Legend’s son’ Will he be buried behind his father’s name?

Hanwha Lee Seong-gon (30) has yet to fully escape his father’s shadow.

‘Son of Lee Sun-chul’ Lee Seong-gon is more famous than ‘baseball player’ Lee Seong-gon. Opportunities were rarely given to him, and he struggled.

But it’s not like there weren’t any opportunities. He was faced with a chance to make full use of his talent. But he just couldn’t take advantage of that opportunity.

Lee Seong-gon recorded a batting average of 토토사이트 0.281 in 62 games in the 2020 season during his Samsung days. From this point on, he started getting opportunities little by little.

The following year, he was traded to Hanwha, and he got a lot of opportunities here as well.

He also played 62 games and his batting average was not too bad at 0.264. Lee Seong-gon was given a chance to occupy the first base of Hanwha.

However, Lee Seong-gon fell rapidly after that.

He only started 41 games this season and his batting average plummeted to 0.192. At the beginning of the season, he had a lot of chances, but he couldn’t save them, and after September, he didn’t show much.

In the meantime, a new face named Kim In-hwan appeared and took responsibility for Hanwha’s first base. Lee Seong-gon’s position has narrowed significantly in a year.

The trouble is, getting a second chance doesn’t seem so simple.

Kim In-hwan is also a player who still has a lot left to show, but Hanwha’s first base has changed to a position that various players are aiming for.

In addition to Kim In-hwan, Kim Tae-yeon must also have a seat, and Roh Si-hwan can always see first base. There is also a possibility that a foreign batter will come as the first baseman. Chae Eun-seong is recruited as an outfielder, and there may be players who are pushed out of the outfield and come to first base. From Lee Seong-gon’s point of view, it’s no different from stacks of mountains.

It can be said that Lee Seong-gon shows that in the professional world, it can be difficult if you do not seize the opportunity when it comes.

Taking off the ‘son of a legend’ tag isn’t easy. It is very difficult to surpass the father until he achieves good grades.

Lee Seong-gon is still unable to escape from that bondage. He is still called ‘the son of Yi Sun-cheol’.

When a good opportunity came he should have grabbed it and not missed it. However, Lee Seong-gon could not save the chance. Now he has been driven to the position where he has to worry about his position again. Breaking off his father’s bridle became more difficult.

I will do my best with all my might, but it is very difficult to regain trust once lost. For Lee Seong-gon, who has not shown much, the sluggishness of this season is inevitable.

Will Lee Seong-gon be able to break free from his father’s restraints and stand up in his own name? Although his standing has greatly diminished, he is not without very chances. When he finds even a small chance, he can walk the path of survival by showing a certain appearance.

Conversely, if he fails to take advantage of the opportunity this time, he may not be given another chance. It remains to be seen whether Lee Seong-gon, standing on the edge of his cliff, will be able to stand in his name by creating an opportunity for a reversal.

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