KPGA long-hitter Chan Min Chung declares U.S. debut…”My competitive edge”

He’s 6’2″ and 110 pounds, with a bushy beard. The driver’s personal best is a whopping 372 meters.

Despite his powerful build, Chung credits his flexibility for his long game.

“I’m a little flexible for my size, so 메이저사이트…”

He does a lot of stretching exercises to lengthen his muscles, especially in his lower body.

As a long hitter representing the KPGA, we asked him for advice for amateur golfers.

“It’s enough to give power from the waist, not from the top of the backswing…”

When I asked him about his mindset on the course, he had a rather simple answer.

“I think I just look for the fairway, and I think that mindset is the first thing.”

This is his second year on the KPGA, and “my goal is to get to the PGA Tour as soon as possible…” but he’s already determined that he’s competitive enough.

“First of all, my long game, my shotmaking, if I can work on that a little bit more, I think I can be competitive on the PGA.”

For a similar style of play, he mentioned Rory McIlroy, who led the PGA in average driving distance this season.

Finishing in the top 30 on the money list on the PGA’s secondary tour is enough to qualify.

Chung wants to be bolder and more aggressive. Swinging hard, into the bright sun.

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