The Korea Business Independent Baseball League (Secretary General Jeong Bong-kyu) has been confirmed.

According to the Korea Unemployment Independent Baseball Committee on the afternoon of the 19th, it is known that the Korean Unemployment Baseball Representatives Meeting (CEO Woo Seung-hwa) decided to hold the Korea Unemployment Independent Baseball League from April to October 2023.

An official from the Korea Unemployment Independent Baseball Committee said on the same day, “Next year, we will hold 60 regional competitions and the Korean Unemployment Independent Baseball regular league to be held in Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do in April, Cheonan City in July, and Daegu Metropolitan City in October.” We plan to have a total of 60 games, 20 games per team, and we will organize 120 games next year.”

Currently, independent baseball consists of high school and university graduates who have not entered the professional league, as well as players who have been released from the professional league. It expresses the nature of a professional academy for advancing into a pro.

However, this phenomenon is expected to disappear. The six Korean business baseball teams are sponsored by companies and local governments, so players do not pay membership fees at all.

In particular, for the stability of the future and real life of players, it is operated as an employment program such as obtaining a bachelor’s degree and license, and a self-sufficiency program for players with difficult family circumstances while studying at the same time. Some teams play baseball while going to work. known to be a team.

The teams participating in the tournament are Cheonan Metis 스포츠토토 (General Manager Seo Deok-gyu), Dangjin HDS Blue Cops (General Manager Jo Han-hong), Daegu Dreams (General Manager Hwang Jun-eop), Incheon Waves (General Manager Kim Gyeong-gi), Jeonbuk Raiders (General Manager Jang Gwang-ho), Pyeongchang Bandabis (Championship) Tue) 6 teams are scheduled to participate, and the Gangwon-do baseball team is preparing for the league as a reserve team.

The Korea Unemployment Independent Baseball Committee said, “With the professional leagues of the KBO League and Futures League, players who have failed to advance to the professional baseball league pay membership fees and establish independent baseball teams belonging to local governments and corporations to encourage players to participate in sports. We are committed and aiming to create a professional baseball 3rd division.”

“Baseball, a popular sport, is unlike soccer, in the unfortunate reality that you have to quit baseball if you fail to advance to the professional level. I wanted to create a second half of my life that wasn’t ”,” he explained.

In addition, regarding the independent baseball league that teams outside of Gyeonggi-do cannot participate, he said, “I sincerely hope that teams from other regions will participate fairly to revitalize independent baseball, away from regional narrow thinking.”

Meanwhile, the Korea Unemployment Independent Baseball Committee plans to hold a joint tryout to select players for teams participating in the Korea Unemployment Independent Baseball League by January next year at the latest.