Kim Dae-hyun is ‘innocent’, but Lee Young-ha’s ‘court fight’, why does it take longer?

Time passes, but there is no sign that the Doosan Bears’ Lee Young-ha (26) ‘trial for school violence’ will end easily.

Lee Young-ha attended the third trial as a defendant at the Western District Court in Gongdeok-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul on the 20th. 

In August of last year, Lee Young-ha was indicted without detention for assaulting and coercing her junior, Mr. A, while attending Sunrin Internet High School. Lee Young-ha’s side and the victim’s side in court fought a court battle through the first and second trials.

LG Twins Kim Dae-hyun, who was indicted without detention along with Lee Young-ha on charges of school violence, was acquitted by the court on the 10th. Mr. A claimed that Kim Dae-hyun also assaulted and coerced, but it was proven that Kim Dae-hyun was called to the youth team during the period Mr. A claimed. The court judged that the testimony of Mr. A was not credible.

However, in Lee Young-ha’s case, there are more cases to uncover the truth. They are allegations of special assault and harsh behavior that occurred in Taiwan’s field training in January 2015 and in their own room that year. Following the second trial, the witnesses were questioned in the third trial as well.

At the trial that day,토토사이트 Mr. B, a two-year junior of Lee Young-ha at Sunrin Internet High School and a one-year junior of victim A, appeared as a witness. Mr. B first exposed Lee Young-ha’s school violence to the online community.

Mr. B said, “There were many gatherings. When we had gatherings, we went to the room and hit our heads together as a group.” “Lee Young-ha asked me to come to an empty room, so I went, but I remember saying, ‘Remember this’ after hitting with a bat. . It was hit without any context,” he explained in detail.

Then, when asked about Lee Young-ha’s visit to his room, Mr. B replied, “I definitely went there more than 10 times. Lee Young-ha and another player gave me the password. I had to wake him up in the morning. I remember going alone in the morning.” Mr. B said that he also did Lee Young-ha’s laundry there.

However, when Lee Young-ha stole Mr. A’s ramen during training in Taiwan in January 2015, Mr. B said, “I’ve never taken ramen or snacks away. I don’t know exactly who else.”

Lee Young-ha’s next trial will be held on March 3. Two witnesses requested by the prosecution are scheduled to appear. 

Attorney Seon-Woong Kim, legal representative Young-Ha Lee, said, “If the trial is held in March and April and it is over, it is likely that the sentence will be sent in May or early June.” said.

Lee Young-ha’s team, Doosan, is leaving for Sydney, Australia, on the 29th for field training. Lee Young-ha was not able to participate in official team training and was wrong from the start. A more serious problem is that the trial of school violence is prolonged. It is still impossible to determine when Lee Young-ha will start the 2023 season.

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