“It was a game that could influence the flow of the first half,” said Yeom Gal-yang, the value of a come-from-behind victory in the 12th overtime

LG returned to Seoul after a difficult 3-game series in Changwon during the week.

LG, who lost the first game, tied the score in the 8th inning of the 2nd game and won the 10th overtime. In the last 3rd game on the 22nd, after two outs in the 9th inning, trailing 1-3, Moon Seong-joo tied the score with a dramatic 2 RBI, a timely hit, and won a come-from-behind victory with Heo Do-hwan’s squeeze bunt in the 12th inning of overtime.토토꽁포인트

On the 23rd, LG will play three consecutive matches against Lotte in Jamsil on the 23rd. The LG team, which arrived in Seoul at dawn the previous day, skipped outdoor team training prior to the game against Lotte and adjusted their condition through individual training indoors. 

Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop mentioned the NC game the day before in a briefing for reporters before the game and said, “It was a game that could either reduce or save the overall atmosphere of the team, which could influence the flow until the first half. It was a very important game for me as a coach.” He continued, “If we lost yesterday, it was a game where the flow could go badly until the end of the first half.”

In LG’s game against NC on the 22nd, starter Lee Min-ho was knocked out early in one inning, but Lee Ji-gang went long and laid the foundation for a reversal with 5 scoreless innings. Afterwards, Jung Woo-young (1 inning), Choi Dong-hwan (1 inning), and Ham Deok-joo (1 inning) threw without conceding. In overtime, Park Myung-geun took charge of three innings to secure the victory.

Manager Yeom said, “When you play the game, you can see the high point. A bad flow if you lose here, a game you can still endure if you win here, there are about 10 to 15 such point games in a season.” It was a game that was included. It was about the fifth point game this season. If you fall, the team atmosphere as a whole goes to the download and even a bit of a losing streak atmosphere. “Director Yeom praised, “The best player was Lee Ji-gang.꽁머니

” “Lee Ji-gang did a great job. He made me not give up the game.”

With two consecutive overtime victories, LG will be able to relax a little against Lotte on the 23rd. Coach Yeom said, “Today’s game is a bit comfortable. The atmosphere is the same, and the starting pitcher is a foreign pitcher, so the difference between winning and losing depends on whether they win or lose in a row.

” In the game on the 21st, thanks to Im Chan-gyu’s 7 innings, Ham Deok-joo (1 inning), Ko Woo-seok (1 inning) and Park Myeong-geun (1 inning) were appointed and threw in succession

. Starting from the game on Sunday, the 25th, he will be waiting to start the mound.

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