Incheon takes a breather, ‘tearful substitute’ Hong Sihu avoids major injury

An Incheon United official recently told Sports Chosun, “Hong Shihu was examined at two different places. Fortunately, the medical opinion is that it is unlikely to be a major injury. On the 4th, he underwent an X-ray examination at the emergency room of Incheon National University Hospital. The results confirmed that there were no abnormalities in the Achilles tendon or bones. A day later, on the 5th, I had an additional ultrasound at the orthopedic department. A micro-tear of the posterior talofibular ligament of the right ankle was confirmed. Hong Shihu will rest for a few more days and his progress will be monitored.” The club shared the news on its official social networking service (SNS) to inform fans.

Incheon defeated Daejeon Hana Citizens 메이저놀이터 3-1 in the 16th round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 on April 4 at Daejeon World Cup Stadium. It was Incheon’s first win in six games. Incheon continued its unbeaten streak against Daejeon that dates back to March 2013.

It wasn’t all smiles. It was due to injuries. Incheon was without Hernandez, Shin Shin-ho, and Delbridge due to injury. In addition, Hong Si-hoo, who came on as a substitute, was injured. Hong Si-hoo, who started the game on the bench, took the field in place of Jerso in the 22nd minute of the second half. He was immediately presented with a crucial opportunity. Mpoku’s pass was slidingly blocked by Lee Jin-hyun. The ball found its way to Hong Sihu. Facing the keeper, Hong Si-Hoo’s shot was blocked by a super save from Lee Chang-Geun. Hong Si-Hoo was soon replaced by Kim Min-Seok due to injury. After the game, the fans comforted Hong Shihu and encouraged him with applause. Hong Shihu left the field with tears in his eyes as the fans cheered him on.

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