I only added one more pitch… Brandon Returns as Ace

Brandon Waddell (29, Doosan Bears) returned as a completely different pitcher from last year.

Brandon has appeared in three games this season and is recording an average ERA of 0.90 (as of the 11th) with 1 win and 1 loss. He has 20 innings in 3 games and 21 strikeouts. Eric Peddy (NC Dinos), Raul Alcantara (Doosan), and Adam Plutko (LG Twins), who are considered the best foreign pitchers this season, in terms of inning digestibility and various ratios.

Doosan did not re-recruit him expecting such results. Brandon already played for Doosan last year as a substitute for Ariel Miranda. At the time, he was a pitcher with a ‘estimate’. That was both an advantage and a disadvantage. He pitched 5 or more innings in all games and had an earned run average of 3 runs. 

However, he did not have much potential for advancement. Although his fastball velocity was quick, he had no winning shots that could lead batters to miss swings. He was only at the level of capturing the wide home stadium (Jamsil, Seoul). His strikeout rate was only 5.54 per 9 innings, and his miss rate was only 20.1%.

So far, the only tracking data for Brandon is the Gocheok Kiwoom Heroes match on June 24th. There is no measuring equipment in Ulsan and Pohang Stadiums, where they pitched afterwards. Even though it’s just one game, it reveals that Brandon’s pitching repertoire has changed this season. His speed did not change much from last year’s average of 146.5 km / h (based on Sports To Eye) to 146.8 km / h.

Instead, the repertoire has changed. Last year, the average speed of the slider was 136.7 km / h, but this year’s average speed of the slider is 131.7 km / h. It’s not slow, it’s a different ball. Last year, he threw a slider with a small angle and a fast cutter (cut fastball), but this year’s slider has a large angle. Sports to I’s PTS observed that Brandon throws a separate cutter (average velocity of 138.9 km/h) this year. This ball could be seen as last year’s slider. The cutter has a small changing angle, so it was difficult to induce a swing even if the beomta was induced, but the addition of a ball with a large angle is leading to an increase in demotion.토토사이트

In an interview with this magazine, Brandon said, “It seems to be effective to add a slider. It can induce more misses than before.” However, an official from Team A said, “Brandon’s slider can also be seen as a kind of sweeper.” 

Brandon explained, “During the off-season, I wanted a pitch with a wide angle of change. I asked my teammates Mitch Keller (Pittsburgh Pirates) and Tyler Beady (Yomiuri Giants) to learn how to grip and throw freely, and it fits well, so I keep throwing it.” did. Beady throws a slider, but Keller is a sweeper, according to Baseball Savant, a major league statistics site.

Brandon is scheduled to finish the first half after taking the mound against SSG Landers on the 12th. His clean start allowed him to enjoy the All-Star break in a good mood. When asked about the schedule, he laughed, saying, “I haven’t decided yet, I’ve only discussed it with my wife. I think I’ll be walking around Korea while looking around.”

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