Regarding the Japanese-made Seiko wristwatch that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un gave as a gift to the Chosun Boys, Seiko said it had never sold it to North Korea.

Seiko responded to a query from Radio Free Asia 메이저놀이터 (RFA) on the 6th, saying, “There is no record of direct sales to North Korea.” Seiko added, “We cannot confirm that the product was sold or purchased from a third party at a retail scale.”

At the same time, the company explained, “Through the reported photos, it was confirmed that the watch was engraved with the ‘ALBA’ logo.” “This brand is sold only in Japan and parts of Asia.”

Previously, Chairman Kim made a sensation by gifting Seiko watches and other items to the representatives of the 9th Congress of the Chosun Boys who visited Pyongyang on the 1st.

According to a photo released by the Chosun Central News Agency, the logo of Seiko’s fashion watch brand ‘Alba’ is engraved on the watch box presented by Chairman Kim.

The number of watches is estimated to be around 5,000 based on the group photo.

The model can be purchased between 50,000 and 100,000 won in Korea. By simple calculation, Chairman Kim spent 250 million to 500 million won to give a gift to the North Korean boy band

. There is an observation that it is highly likely.