Hyeja FA summoned Lee Jong-beom for home sliding. As it turned out, the subject of special management “If he falls out, it’s over.” 

“I felt like I was watching Lee Jong-beom.”

KT Wiz coach Lee Kang-cheol’s surprised appearance became a hot topic. On the 5th, in the top of the 3rd inning against the LG Twins in Jamsil, third base runner Kim Sang-soo rushed home when he grounded in front of Alford’s first baseman, made a save, and then went back to the dugout.

Upon receiving a question about the scene prior to the match against LG on the 6th, Lee said, “I thought I was out, but I became safe. It was like seeing Lee Jong-beom.”

Director Lee continued, “Even when the catcher caught it, it was out of timing when I saw it from the bench. But when the catcher lowered the mitt, Kim Sang-soo passed by the home,” expressing surprise. ‘Son of the Wind’ Lee Jong-beom summoned the appearance of the current LG base running coach during his Haetae days. Manager Lee said, “It was a match against Samsung in the past, and when Jong-beom Lee was on third base, when he grounded in front of the third baseman, Jong-beom Lee ran home. I threw it home normally. Even then, when the ball came to the catcher, I thought it was out, but while the catcher was getting down to tag, Lee Jong-beom passed through the home.” It seems to fly more.”토토사이트

Kim Sang-soo is 33 years old and has already stood in the position of a veteran, but in 2014, during the Samsung Dynasty, he has fast feet enough to become the king of stolen bases with 53 stolen bases. Regarding the home dash in the top of the third inning, Kim Sang-soo laughed, saying, “I don’t think I’m still on slow feet.”

Kim Sang-soo, who has been playing full-time as the main shortstop for a long time, said, “The coach is considerate first, so he takes it out early when there is a difference in score.” In response, Lee said, “I didn’t do anything for you, but I keep saying my words in interviews.

At KT, people always say what would have happened if Kim Sang-soo had not been recruited. He is good at batting as well as defense, and is good at running base because of his quick feet. It is evaluated that the contract he signed for 2.9 billion won for 4 years was the ‘Hyeja’ contract.

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