The following summer, Kevin Durant also asked for a trade. Do you still think I’m a giver?” From your dreams, the hard times in Brooklyn, and until now. James Harden (Philadelphia) has a lot to say.

Harden is a guard with a history of regular league MVP (2018) and top scorer (2018-2020), and is recording 22.1 points and 10.8 assists per game as a member of the Philadelphia 76ers this season.

He’s a player who’s had a pretty ups and downs career. In his prime, he played for the Houston Rockets and was a top player, but his influence has diminished a lot as he has been transferred.

Harden looked back on his eventful career through an interview with the local media ‘Pax Sports’.

He said, “I am a player who will be remembered in the sport of basketball. The part I care most about is the important elements like ‘winning’. He is a player who changed the sport of basketball. There is only one thing I do not have, the championship trophy.” It shows the desire to win.

It is also the reason why he decided to transfer. 토토 Harden asked for a trade to the Brooklyn Nets, where Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are holding out, when the team decided that it would be difficult to challenge for the championship in 2021. But the results were very poor. The three superstars didn’t mesh at all, and Brooklyn never came close to winning a trophy.

Harden said about this, “I don’t mean to disparage Brooklyn. The team didn’t have a structure. Even superstars need a basic structure. They need structure to show their abilities. Internal things were very different from my previous expectations. .People think I gave up, but the following summer Kevin Durant also wanted to leave Brooklyn. Do you still think I’m a giver?”

He asked for another trade, joining top-tier center Joel Embiid.

Harden said, “I went to Philadelphia, which has Joel Embiid. It’s my personal opinion, but I think Embiid should have been named MVP. Philadelphia, from start to finish, (every tactic) was Joel, Joel, Joel. Embiid I understand he’s such a great player. It was definitely a different environment for me.” 

Perhaps because of the unfamiliar environment, Harden was extremely sluggish at the beginning of the transfer. Some fans have pointed out that senescence has begun.

Harden said about this, “I had to quickly integrate into the team rather than lead the show. It’s been 10 years since I was in Oklahoma City.

He said, “All of that puts it all together, and I was sluggish at the beginning of the transfer. I don’t think people will understand my situation and feel sorry for me. Knowing this, I don’t like talking about it either. I just push myself. “he said.