Ha-seong Kim ranks higher than former MLB batting champion? “I’m worried about returning to Tatis”

 Ha-seong Kim (28‧ San Diego) is a very attractive player in the Major League Fantasy League, which is gaining great popularity in North America. He can play his main job, shortstop, second baseman, and even third baseman, which is a great help in configuring the lineup of users.

In the fantasy league, points are given based on the actual performance of players, so it is advantageous to play a lot anyway. Kim Ha-seong was evaluated as a utility player and it was a difficult condition to gauge the game, but last year he became the main shortstop and emerged as a player with good ‘cost-effectiveness’ at once.

Such Kim Ha-seong ranked 20th in the fantasy league third baseman rankings selected by the statistics website ‘Fangraph’ on the 21st 바카라 (Korean time). Ha-seong Kim is not a professional third baseman, but he has a history of covering Manny Machado’s breaks, so he is also classified as a third baseman.

Jose Ramirez (Cleveland) and Manny Machado (San Diego) ranked 1st and 2nd, and 20th place is by no means a low ranking. You can feel this when you look at the players around Kim Ha-seong’s rankings.

The 19th place, one notch higher than Kim Ha-seong, was Max Muncy (LA Dodgers), one of the classics of multiplayer. Muncy’s batting average dropped significantly last year, raising concerns, but he’s still an OPS hitter, and he hit 139 home runs in 616 games over five years.

DJ Le Meiu (New York Yankees), who ranked 22nd behind Kim Ha-seong, was once highly regarded as a representative alter hitter in the major leagues. Although his batting average dropped to 0.261 last year, he is a player who won the batting title twice in 2016 (.348) and 2020 (.364). He is also a rare hitter who has a career as a batting champion in both the National and American Leagues. His career batting average reaches 0.297.

Anthony Rendon (LA Angels), a third baseman who once boasted the highest ransom in the league, ranked 25th, and Josh Donaldson (New York Yankees, )to be. Although Rendon struggled with recent injuries and Donaldson struggled with sluggishness, Ha-seong Kim’s 20th place is quite meaningful considering the name value.

‘Fangraph’ praised the rise, saying, ‘It’s really nice to see Ha-sung Kim keep moving forward’. However, he said, “I am worried about which lineup Tatis Jr. will be in when he returns from suspension.” ‘, pointing out both positive and negative aspects.

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