[Go Commentary with Samsung Flower Farming AI] The decisive blow arrives

Scene 10=Lee Chang-ho, in his prime, said. “Momentum is the momentum of the day,” he said. Even for a well-trained competitor, momentum changes from day to day. Today, Park Jung-hwan is looking strangely weak. He’s quietly backing off at every turn. This is not how Park usually plays. At least, he can’t defend the left side like that.

Shin’s back3 is a sharp point.메이저놀이터 Black is supposed to retreat, but he reacted strongly by cutting off with 4. Late precipitation. With this, could the entire Wuha area become black’s home. If so, black will win the game.

Note: If Black retreats to 1 and 3 in response to White’s move, it is clear and thick. However, by cutting off with 4 (leaving A’s big endgame) and moving to 6, White can easily maintain his dominance.

Actual progress=Black continues to ask for a response. He keeps poking at bad spots before making a decisive move. White 5 and Black 6 is a strong move. I can’t play it right away. The next moment, White 7 falls on the bottom square. A sharp point. Park Young-hoon, 9th dan, called this move “the decisive move” after the game. Black must respond well. If he doesn’t, the lower ranked bishop will live.

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