Former Prime Minister of New Zealand, ‘hole in one’ at charity golf tournament… Crowd chanting ‘3 more years’

Born in 1961, former New Zealand Prime Minister John Key made a hole-in-one at a charity golf tournament. Former Prime Minister Key is known to have a special affection for golf, such as playing golf with former US President Barack Obama.

Former Prime Minister Key made a video hole-in-one on the 5th hole (par 3) of the Chasing the Fox Super Six Golf Day, a golf tournament held in Royal Oakland on the 9th.

After grabbing the hybrid, the pro-gong stretched all the way to the hole, and it became a hole-in-one. Those present at the scene were 안전놀이터 in a frenzy of enthusiasm, applauding and shouting “3 more years”. Regardless of the possibility of returning to politics, it was a cheer based on the popular belief that ‘if you make a hole-in-one, you will be lucky for 3 years’.

Key served as the 38th Prime Minister of New Zealand from 2008 to 2016. After retiring from politics in December 2016, he serves as the company’s board of directors and chairman.

As he climbed the green to pick up a hole-in-one, everyone on the field opened the road and lined up on both sides to congratulate Prime Minister Key. Prime Minister Key also showed a sense of enjoyment by giving high-fives and climbing onto the green.

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