‘Fighting show’ over ‘officiating controversy’ and injury

The son of professional soccer Incheon goalkeeping coach Kim Yi-seop, Kim Jun-hong has goalkeeping in his DNA, and he was solid in goal against France’s furious offense.

He reliably stopped more than 20 shots, most notably in the fifth minute of the second half, when he pounced on a teammate’s header that could have been an own goal.

In the 21st minute of the second half, I had a close call.

While trying to block a cross, he collided 스포츠토토 with an opposing striker who took a hard hit, and without even looking at the video review, the referee pulled out a yellow card, saying it was Kim Jun-hong’s foul, and even awarded a penalty kick.

[Jang Ji-hyun/SBS commentator: ‘(The goalkeeper) didn’t make contact with the ball, but rather interfered with it’ The referee saw it like this, but I think it’s a bit different to give a PK (penalty kick)]

Despite the dubious call, and the aftermath of the collision on his neck and shoulder, Kim made a gutsy save to preserve the one-goal lead and lay on the ground after giving it everything he had.

It was such a dazzling performance that even the opposing goalkeeper gave him a thumbs up.

[Kim Eun-joong/U-20 National Team Coach: I’m grateful that our defense stayed focused until the end and didn’t concede a goal, even though France attacked hard].

Lee Seung-won, the team’s captain and midfield commander, not only assisted on the first goal, but also worked tirelessly throughout the offense, while Lee Young-joon, an active duty soldier with Commerce, scored the winning goal and performed a stunning colossus salute to the world.

[Lee Young-joon/U-20 National Football Team striker: I will definitely return to Korea with a good result, thank you].

Off to a strong start, the Taeguk Warriors look to repeat their seniors’ runner-up finish four years ago.

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