Boin High School vs. Bupyeong High School, met the winners in the semi-finals of the Geumbae

The bloody battle between Boin High School in Seoul and Bupyeong High School in Incheon, the regular customers of Geum-Bae, took place in the semi-finals.

In the quarterfinals of the 56th Presidential Geumbae National High School Football Tournament held on the 28th at the Jecheon Soccer Center Stadium 1, Boyin High defeated Gangwon Chuncheon City Sports Association U18 4-0 with Lee Min-hyeok, Lee Chang-woo, and Baek Ga-on’s consecutive goals and the opponent’s own goal.

Boingo’s proud sophomore players were the main players in the victory. In Boingo, Lee Chang-woo scored the first goal in the 27th minute, and Min-hyeok Lee added another goal two minutes later, suppressing the momentum of the dark horse Chuncheon City Sports Association in this tournament. The flow of Boingo’s struggle against the opponent’s aggressive defense was over at once.

Boingo’s momentum rose, and Baek Ga-on’s key goal in the 20th minute of the second half and Park Beom-jin’s own goal in the 33rd minute of the second half coincided with an easy victory.

In another quarterfinal at the same time, Bupyeong High School beat Gyeonggi Yongho High School 2-0. Bupyeong High School was thrilled with three consecutive goals (five goals) as third-year main shooter Kim Shin was responsible for both goals.

As the two teams won side by side, the ‘preview final’ was held in the semifinals held at Jecheon Sports Complex at 5:00 pm on the 30th.

If Boin High School is a strong player aiming to win its 4th Gold Cup this year following 2021, Bupyeong High School boasts the most gold medal championships (7). The two teams faced each other twice in the gold cup finals in 2003 and 2017, and once shared the championship cup.

Looking at recent momentum, Boingo is better. This is because Boin High School defeated Bupyeong High School 5-1 in the group stage for the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism last February. Despite Bupyeong High School scoring the first goal, Boin High School laughed as it scored five goals.

It is only natural for Bupyeong High School to pledge revenge. Bupyeong High School coach Seo Gi-bok said, “Boin High is a strong team that is always called a candidate for the championship. I believe that the results will be different this time.”

Boin High School head coach Shim Deok-bo remained vigilant about Bupyeong High School. In this year’s head-to-head match, Bupyeong High’s key goal scorer, Ha-min Choi, is well aware that he was sent off from the previous game. Ha-Min Choi received his first yellow card at the Dragon and Tiger Classic, but there is no problem with his appearance in the semi-finals. Coach Shim said, “You have to look closely at the difference between player number 9 (Choi Ha-min) running and not running. Bupyeong High School and we are tough opponents.”메이저놀이터

Another championship candidate, Seoul Yeongdeungpo Technical High School, defeated Hwaseong City U-18 in Gyeonggi Province 2-0 thanks to playmaker Son Seung-min’s first goal of the tournament and Kim Tae-won’s consecutive goals. If Yeongdeungpo Technical High School achieves its dream of winning the first championship in Geumbae, it can expect to win two gold medals following this year’s Baekwoongi.

Yeongdeungpo Technical High School’s semi-final opponent is Sangmun High School in Seoul, which beat Jecheon Jeil High School, the home team. After Sangmun High School drew 0-0 with Jecheon Jeil High School in the quarterfinals, goalkeeper Lim Chae-ryang made two saves in the penalty shootout and won 4-3.

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