Active and passive…”ATM, I’m not spending 25 billion on Lee Kang-in…I can’t move until I get out of Carrasco”

Atletico Madrid’s stance on Lee Kang-In remains firm. Yannick Carrasco’s departure could have an impact.

Lee Kang-in has been linked to Atletico. Atletico is considered one of the top three teams in Spanish La Liga, along with Barcelona and Real Madrid. Diego Simeone has been at the helm of the club for a while now. They won two La Liga titles in the 2010s (2013-14 and 2020-21). They have also consistently reached the UEFA Champions League (UCL) final and won the UEFA Europa League (UEL) three times.

La Liga giants Atletico have called on Lee. Atletico have wanted Lee since last winter’s transfer window, but the move fell through due to opposition from Real Mallorca. Since then, Lee has become a more attractive player. His potential has exploded and he has become one of the best midfielders in La Liga. His dribbling is one of the 먹튀검증 best in Europe, not just La Liga, and his key passes, attacking involvement, work rate, and pressing have all improved.

Antoine Griezmann is a good fit for the rotation Griezmann is absolutely essential to Atletico right now, but given his age, he can’t start every game full-time. As such, he’s a versatile player who can play multiple roles, whether starting or coming off the bench. This is exactly the type of player Atletico needs to play a lot of games.

Despite a request to re-sign with Mallorca, Lee has been linked with a new challenge. Spain’s ‘Futbol de Mallorca’ reported on the 8th (KST), “The negotiations between Mallorca and Atletico for Lee Kang-in are still ongoing. Atletico are the only club to have made an official offer for Lee. The initial offer was for €12 million and included Rodrigo Riquelme,” the report said.

“Atletico have since made no financial offer, but Mallorca want to add Riquelme and one more player,” the report continued, “meaning they would have to get two players for €12 million to get Lee off their hands. Atletico want a buy-back clause on whoever they sell. He added: “Lee and Atletico have reached a personal agreement. Otherwise, it would be impossible to have the discussions we are having now.”

The Spanish publication ‘As’ mentioned the Lee saga while reporting on the Atletico situation. Carrasco was involved. The versatile Carrasco was a favorite of Simeone because he could play as a wing-back or winger. He has one year left on his contract and there is no news of a renewal. Carrasco is still Atletico’s most important player, and Barcelona are after him. If Carrasco leaves and funds become available, they will likely invest in Lee.

“Atletico like Lee,” says ‘As’. But they won’t pay 18 million euros (about 25.2 billion won). Lee is a player who will open up the Korean market and sports executives will like him, but whether or not he moves to Carrasco will determine whether or not they sign him.”

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