It was in 2009 that the average ERA appeared as the most important criterion when evaluating Cy Young Young candidates.

The American League Cy Young Award winner that year was Jack Greinke of the Kansas City Royals. Greinke, who recorded 16 wins and 8 losses, an average ERA of 2.16, 229⅓ innings, and 242 strikeouts, was tied for 7th in the American League in most wins, but his ERA was 0.33 lower than Felix Hernandez (2.49) in second place. Not only Hernandez, who tied for first place in most wins with 19 wins, but also CC Sabathia (3.37) and Justin Verlander (3.45) were no match for Greinke in terms of ERA.

This means that Greinke was the first pitcher to benefit as the Cy Young Young evaluation standard, which was mainly focused on winning the most, was changed to an ERA. From then on, weights began to be assigned in the order of ERA, innings pitched, strikeouts, and most wins.

At the time, Greinke’s fastball average velocity was 94.4 miles, far exceeding the league average of 92.1 miles, and he was classified as a fastball pitcher. His best speed was a whopping 99.9 mph. He was the de facto 100 mph pitcher.

It is a sense of alienation. Last year, Greinke’s fastball average velocity was 89.1 mph, with a high of 93.0 mph. Among the five pitches he throws, the four-seam fastball still accounts for the most weight. Greinke still has a strong will to play.

Having obtained free agent status this offseason, he has passed the year, but he is still unable to find a team. The team that wants him, who turns 40 in October, is not showing up. It is in stark contrast to Justin Verlander, who was born in the same 1983 but 8 months earlier than him, who moved to the New York Mets as the number one pitcher with an average annual salary of $43.33 million for two years.

Last year, Greinke posted a decent record of 스포츠토토 4 wins and 9 losses and an average ERA of 3.68 in 26 games with stable control and game management. He’s a back-and-forth veteran who can be coveted if a mound leader is needed.

On the 5th (Korean time), selected and highlighted six players worth paying attention among the remaining free agents, and mentioned Greinke last. said, “If you just look at Greinke’s stats in 2022, he’s an absolutely ineffective pitcher.” His fastball velocity is in the bottom 4 percent, and he’s shot less than 90 mph in just under 20 percent. His strikeout rate was 12.5%, the lowest among 140 pitchers who threw more than 100 innings.”

He continued, “It was a level that slightly exceeded the starting average of 5 innings, but the average ERA was 3.68, 11% better than the league average, and it was the same as Gerrit Cole, the major league strikeout king. Surprisingly, Greinke marked an average ERA of 2.53 in six starts with less than one strikeout,’ he emphasized efficient pitching.

However, I am skeptical about whether he will find a new team. said, ‘The gap between Greinke’s expected ERA and his actual ERA provided by Statcast was very large. It’s been said that the years are out of business, but the pitcher who reserved the Hall of Fame is not the typical pitcher you want now. “If you’re looking for a team this year, he’s definitely a pitcher worth watching,” he said.

Greinke posted a career record of 223 wins and 141 losses in 19 years, an ERA of 3.42, and 2882 strikeouts. He will hit the 3000 strikeout mark for his career if he picks up 118 more strikeouts. It is no different from a medal that can solidify your entry into the Hall of Fame.